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SoftPaw is a module integrated wire management device that is available for license to module manufacturers. SoftPaw eliminates the need for wire clips and zip ties. By being part of the solar panel’s frame wall, SoftPaw, by definition, will last the life of the module eliminating maintenance costs and reliability issues typically associated with wire management solutions.


SoftPaw is sized to manage all cables within the array including those from the j-box, optimizer, microinverter, and homeruns at a cost equivalent to a few clips. Ask your module manufacturer to include SoftPaw in their frame walls and leave wire management headaches behind.

Is wire management costing you millions?

Solar panel wire management has been a thorn in the side of the solar industry for decades, whether it's MW scale utility power plants or residential installations. Wire clips corrode and cut wires leading to electrical shorts and fires while plastic zip ties loose their integrity and fail due to sunlight exposure, extreme temperatures, and high humidity.  Increase your system's long term reliability and eliminate your O&M wire management costs with SoftPaw.   


"As a developer, creating quality assets is our number one priority. I can only see SoftPaw as as value add for a long term asset owner."

“I would like to see it in more utility scale project that we clean. We have been on a bunch of sites that are new and old that have sloppily wiring so I think you have a great product that could do well in the utility scale side.”

-Tyler Kapper

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"The multi-objective analysis performed, including the impacts in O&M, Installation, Inspection, reliability and lifetime costs scopes for wire management shows the module integration wire-management devices SoftPawPV as a very promising solution for the solar industry."

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