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About Us

At SoftPawPV we have a passion for wire management, a passion to eliminate it. Well, we haven't quite done that yet, but SoftPaw has made it so simple and reliable that wire management just isn't an issue anymore. 

Company Mission

Our mission is to eliminate all wire management components and reliability issues throughout the solar industry by equipping every PV module with module integrated wire management.  We will do that by licensing SoftPaw to module manufacturers  

About the Product

The SoftPaw™ wire management feature came about through the desire to remove wire management clips and ties completely from the installation process. The SoftPaw feature is available for license and is intended to be incorporated into all 4 sides of the module so it is always there when you need it. Run PV pigtail wires along the top while home run cables run along the bottom. In addition, the cables can come preloaded into SoftPaw essentially removing wire management all together.

How it Works

The SoftPaw technology is licensed to solar panel manufactures. The manufacturers work with their frame suppliers to add SoftPaw to the frame during frame manufacturing.

Panel manufacturers pay a license fee is per module at a cost less than a wire management single clip.  

The SoftPaw PV team has extensive engineering experience and expertise and will help size and if required redesign the flange to meet a particular module's needs. 

Patent Protection

SoftPaw is Patent Protected in:

  • US 11,817,818 B2

  • China ZL 2016 8 0054558.5

  • EU 3326287

  • France 3326287

  • Germany 602016038747.6

  • Italy 502020000070951

  • Turkey 2020/10987

  • Great Britain 3326287

  • Spain 3326287

  • India 466448

SoftPaw Tool has Patent Pending in:

  • US20210210936A1

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