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Integrated Wire Management Frame

SoftPaw is built into the solar panel frame wall. Simply insert wire at any location in the solar module frame. The wires can be inserted, removed, and re-arranged by hand.

solar wire management device SoftPaw, replaces wire clips and zip ties

Installation Assist Tool

Wire management is easy, fast, and simple with SoftPaw by hand. For high volume work, the SoftPaw wire insertion tool is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The wrist strap helps keep the tool easily available. The wire insertion tool is designed for a specific SoftPaw mounting flange thickness. Please check with your solar panel module manufacturer or distributor for the right tool model for your frame flange thickness.

The SoftPaw tool is not required to insert wires into the SoftPaw flange.  However, for thicker wires on the upper range of the acceptable wire size the tool can make insertion much easier.

how to insert a wire into SoftPaw solar wire management
solar wire management tool SoftPaw, replaces wire clips and zip ties
wire inserted into SoftPaw solar wire managment
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Solar panel frame wire insertion video

There are many techniques that can be deployed to manage wires with SoftPaw.  The video below highlights only a few options such as the double tuck and simple loop.  SoftPaw is also compatible with SolarEdge and Enphase cables.  SoftPaw does not require a tool but it can make installation faster and easier.  

Wire Connection

When wires come preloaded from the factory in the SoftPaw feature, they are protected during installation since they are tucked away under the frame. When you are ready to connect one module to the other you simply pull the connector out and connect it to the next module as shown in the video below. The wires will stay in place for the life of the system.


Softpaw is the most rigorously tested wire management device in the market. We conducted over a dozen different stress tests and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars validating the design and long term reliability. The result is a wire management device that will ensure a lifetime of problem free service and zero O&M costs. 

Pull Testing

Pull Testing verified that SoftPaw outperforms industry leading wire management devices. SoftPaw withdrawal strength was tested at 3 different pull orientations: Direct pull, 45 degrees, and peel.  

Outdoor Testing

The SoftPaw feature has been exhaustively tested for reliability and functionality. This video of outdoor testing was captured after the SoftPaw product had been deployed for almost a year in Colorado. The SoftPaw feature acts as a spring ensuring compression even under the hottest and coldest temperature swings.   

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